About The Unity Project
- outlining the next stages in our evolutionary journey -

Brian Corvin - author of The Dream Journey and The Unity Project
Brian Corvin is an artist and poet who was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1937, but considers himself to be a world citizen. His artistic and literary output reflect his journeys and travels through life. He is the author of two books of poetry and verse. The Dream Journey, published in 2009, took him, he says, the best part of 50 years to write. It laid the basis, however, for the second instalment, The Unity Project, which he completed in five years and that, he suggests, is progress of a kind.
Abdul Baha (1844-1921)

Brian has been inspired in his work by the writings of Abdul Baha (1844-1921) who, over 150 years ago, set forth the argument that 'the earth is but one country and mankind its citizens'. The Unity Project and the long anchor poem which gives the book its title is similarly inspired by a passage from the writings of Abdul Baha. It looks at where we have come from, what changes we can expect to see in the next 100 years and how they should affect us.

The two-fold purpose of this website is to promote the book and, more importantly, to spread an awareness of what needs to be done during this period. The poem offers us an overarching vision and presents us with an agenda of what needs to be taken up, as the process of globalisation and the unification of the human race takes place in the next step of our collective life here on this planet. It focuses on nine areas where we will see significant and far-reaching progress and it describes these as 'the lights of unity'.

These lights will come on:
  1. In the political sphere, when we will see universal democratic suffrage and the end of war as we know it
  2. In the great and radical undertakings, as we work to bring peace and order to the globe.
  3. In balancing freedom with security
  4. In a balanced approach to religion and science with a clear awareness of their different functions and standards
  5. In our attitude towards nationality and nationhood with a general acceptance of a global ethic and authority
  6. With an understanding of the need for racial harmony, equality of the sexes and the abolition of prejudices
  7. In the global use of an International auxiliary language
  8. In the cultural dynamic, which will see new roles for art, education and other disciplines
  9. In the establishment of institutional powerhouses, when we will see a global federation replace the United Nations and the development of a resource-based economic system.
The Unity Project by Brian Corvin

These should help us meet our needs and requirements in a democratic and evolving 'new world order'.

The poem has been dismissed by its detractors as absurd ramblings, utter rubbish, boring sermonising, Utopian fantasy and quite unrealistic given our present chaotic circumstances and dystopian mindset. Yet, they fail to come up with, or even consider, viable alternatives strategies or plans.

This website hopes to help change these and other negative attitudes, as we become more familiar with the concepts and ideas proposed. It intends to foster and encourage a more positive approach as we move on from the dreams of yesterday, through the very real hopes and fears of today, into the everyday reality of tomorrow. The simple truth is that we still have so much to learn about our species and our place in the universe; about who we are as individuals and as citizens of the world, and about what we owe to each other and to ourselves.

Most of all, this website would like to take up the challenge of planning for our new century in a structured, orderly and peaceful way. We invite all interested parties to join in this work. Take part in the discussion. Subscribe to our e-News Service. Follow us on Facebook and other social media outlets where we will be announcing our presence in due course.